The moon is never bigger than your thumb when seen from Earth? That’s right. Our moon is smaller too, we don’t want to deviate from the norm. This beauty doesn’t leave you when the day dawns either.

– The blingz are sold individually. Therefore, the unit “1” stands for one blingz and not for a pair.

– The blingz can be worn anywhere on the shoelace. To thread it on, you just have to pull the shoelace out of your shoes and then attach the blingz to the desired spot. Here you can find instructions 🙂

– The blingz are made of gold plated zinc alloy, so they are pretty sturdy and can’t rust. A crystalline rhinestone is used.

– Only the blingz shown is sold; the shoes are not included in the purchase.

– Engraved brand logo “b” on the back of the blingz.

Dimensions rounded: 1.9cm x 1.2cm; 0.3cm (height); 1.9 grams (weight)

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